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Grade 6 | Teacher's Guide

Grade 6 | Teacher's Guide

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The Steps to Perfection 6th grade curriculum strives to build upon the development of a strong Islamic foundation, which began from the kindergarten book. The ʿAqāʾid section focuses heavily on tawhīd by proving the existence of God through the proof from design and looking at Allah’s positive and negative attributes (Ṣifāt as-Salbiyah and Thubūtiyah. The Fiqh unit consists of relevant topics, with integrated activities, to make the concepts more interactive, tangible, and practical for students. The History section focuses on the second part of our Noble Prophet’s life and analyzes the events that occurred from the hijrah until his death, and even following his death. In this section, students will learn about the spread of Islam in Medina and other regions. The Akhlāq section has been made aesthetically-pleasing through colorful illustrations, aḥādīth, and āyāt from the Qurʾān that delve into topics, such as rights of others and how to observe them.

The teacher’s guides for each lesson include vocabulary with definitions, talking points, suggestive learning aids, and worksheet placements.

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