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Grade 7 | Student Guide

Grade 7 | Student Guide

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The Steps to Perfection 7th grade curriculum strives to build upon the development of a strong Islamic foundation, which began from the kindergarten book.

The ʿAqāʾid unit continues to focus on Tawḥīd and the Attributes of Allah (swt) presented with a more critical thinking and analytical approach, while also introducing deeper concepts such as the purpose of human beings, the concept of ʿismah, imāmah and prophethood.

The Fiqh unit consists of relevant topics that teenagers and young adults will come across in today’s society and prepares them with a hands-on approach to Islamic laws.

The History unit continues to focus on Islamic history through the lives of the Imāms and Prophets, with key features and spotlights on selected individuals in Islamic history.

In Akhlāq, we dive straight into critical thinking and application of lessons to develop well-rounded Muslim characteristics. 

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