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Grade Kindergarten | Teacher's Guide

Grade Kindergarten | Teacher's Guide

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The Steps to Perfection Kindergarten curriculum establishes the development of a strong Islamic foundation. It features an ʿAqāʾid section that introduces young children to Islam and the basic beliefs and characteristics of Muslims. It goes on to introduce some of Allah’s attributes and the shahādah, or basic tenets of Islam. The History section emphasizes the introduction of  the Maʿṣūmīn through stories that highlight their characteristics. This is done with the hope that children will connect with them and develop a bond and unfaltering love that becomes rooted in their hearts. The book also covers an introduction to the first and last Prophets and the Ahlul Kisāʾ (ʿa). The Fiqh section introduces the foundational practice of ṣalāh and briefly touches on the concepts of najāsah and ṭahārah. The Akhlāq section has been made aesthetically-pleasing through colorful illustrations, aḥādīth, and āyāt from the Qurʾān that delve into topics regarding basic manners and cleanliness.

The teacher’s guides for each lesson include vocabulary with definitions, talking points, suggestive learning aids, and worksheet placements.

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